Fingers crossed for some fine weather

As you can see, calving has started. This is a bull calf from a heifer ( first time mum) and at just 3 days old is showing lots of potential. It is already tagged and a passport applied for which notes it's DOB, parents and breed. Without which it couldn't be sold later on.

We've been really busy, with our eldest off to agricultural college we've really felt the difference of being a man down.

He was home to help with the shearing which passed off without incident- unlike last years broken foot episode!

The farm this spring was just full of wildlife, we saw a few hedgehogs which have been absent for a while, heard a cuckoo which too has been noteable by it's absense in recent years, skylarks, grey partridge, peewits ,loads of cowslips and bluebells but the curlews don't seem to be flying over which I really hope is a one off as the sound they make on a summers evening is just beautiful. The bird boxes were checked by Richard from the BTO and although they were all late due to the cold weather the majority had healthy residents.

The cold spring meant the grass was slow to start growing but once it appeared the lambs shot away. I will have lamb at all the markets from now on.

The big jobs on the list at the minute are to finish silage and hay making then we'll be into harvest which can't come soon enough as straw supplies for the pigs are running low. You should notice the barley in the fields turning yellow and the heads of corn nodding over as they ripen.

Fingers crossed for some fine weather