Signs of spring

Well the first piglets born outside in 2015 were out of the ark and rootling around with Mum when I went to feed them yesterday. We don't normally let anything farrow outside until late April but I have to hold my hands up and admit it was my fault.

I had been in charge of feeding the outside pigs all week and hadn't noticed her bagging up (udder developing), personally I don't think she did noticeably. When we went to feed that group (New Pig), think she may deserve a better name was missing and sure enough, half a mile trek up the hill she had made a nest and had a litter snuggled up with her. As a result we had to get an ark to her, which is not easy through woodland and lift it over them. It has to be exactly where she chose to farrow otherwise no matter how many times you put them in she will just decamp back to her nest.

Luckily the weather has been kind and they are doing well. We'll be able to move them nearer home next week which will save a lot of effort. Not sure how many calories we've burned getting to feed her twice a day.

Signs of spring