summer in a flash

Well , fingers crossed I've hopefully overcome technology and can now add news again. Hooray.

It's been a while so I'll try and summerise summer in a paragraph;

I broke my foot at the end of June in the middle of shearing, still not healed (xray this morning), Archie (son) finished the sheep for me and has worked non stop since, the cows started calving but we are still waiting for one straggler to calve, silage was an on off affair with all the rain, a good crop of barley was combined in a fine week- lucky, now ploughing etc to get next years crops in, we loose Archie to agric college in a couple of weeks so full steam ahead to make the most of him and then the other evening we had a red sky with a rainbow going through it. Not sure if the photo does it justice.

summer in a flash